fellowships-cp-header6 Awesome Tips for Using Gift Cards to Boost Your Holiday Sales

As a retail store owner, restaurant housecleaning service, beauty salon or other local business, gift cards have the ability to give you new holiday sales. Gift cards are no longer limited to big, national chains; according to a new study, one in two consumers have no problem purchasing gift cards from small, independent retailers. In addition to that one-third reveal that they frequently get gift cards for themselves.

Below are 6 tips on how to use gift cards to improve your holiday sales.

  1. Offer e-gift cards and plastic gift cards.Nowadays, it’s all about the variety of options available to shoppers. 75% of shoppers have opted to buy plastic gift cards compared to 25% of shoppers interested in the e-gift cards, which is gradually gaining ground. E-gift cards have a lot of advantages over plastic gift cards:
  • It is easy to incorporate an e-gift card program into your business website in a matter of hours in comparison to the wait you have to endure when you order for plastic gift cards.
  • E-gift cards are beneficial to young consumers, especially the ones that do everything on their phones rather than worry about carrying around a plastic card.
  • E-gift cards can be bought at the last minute and immediately sent to recipients, an advantage for last-minute shoppers as well as your sales.
  • Customers avoiding holiday crowds would rather go for e-gift card than buy a plastic gift card.
  • E-gift card is a seller’s dream meaning you can capture the buyer’s and recipient’s information once you make a sale. You can continue to market to them.

  1. Use social media promotion. Consumers are gradually turning to social media for holiday gift ideas especially if you offer e-gift cards either by creating organic posts or advertising them on social media so as to attract customers to purchase them right then and there.

  1. Locate your gift cards near the point of purchase. Gift cards are mostly about desperation/impulse buy, therefore sales are boosted by putting an attractive display with gift-card bags/cases, envelopes, gift cards around your registers.

  1. Reward loyal customers with gift cards. Use gift cards as a replacement for or as well as discounts if you have a loyalty program in place due to the higher value they have over discounts meaning they’re more successful at getting customers into the business.

  1. Use them as promotional items. You can attract customers to your business or make them buy more stuff than they normally would with promotions that are tied to gift cards. For instance, you could give your customers a $10 gift card for each $50 they spend, $25 gift card on every $100 spent, and so on. You may also outright reward your customers with low-value gift cards; say $10 or $20 for instance. You can do this by email or mail. This is worth it because, at the end of the day, customers who visit your business to use that gift card will usually spend more than the value of the card.

  1. Get started now. Start now without further delay if you’re still thinking about adding gift cards to your collection as customers have started holiday shopping. The more options you offer them, the better your chances of getting their money.