About Sean The Blogger

SeanTheBlogger was founded in August of 2008 by Sean Williams. Sean is an entrepreneur, author, avid traveler, and a proud dad.

Sean’s first lesson in economics led to some fascination with wealth building and understanding money. And after two successful careers as a finance manager and the number 1 salesperson in a business-to-business firm, Sean’s prudent, but driven nature enabled him to get rid of the grind of the 9-5 to kick-start numerous successful ventures. Due to his love of personal finance, business, and technology, Sean decided to set up this site to specialize in personal finance and technology with articles and stories targeted at the everyday man on the street and how he can take his business to the next level. It is also a great source of information for young professionals and college graduates who are thinking about getting started on a great financial footing.

Touching on everything from earning, investing, financial freedom, saving, paying off debt, getting the right mindset, the use of technology in business, and a host of other areas that can be grouped under “personal finance, small business, and technology”, Sean wants to not only portray a complete picture that is great, but also do so with some flair, fitting in personal stories and advice so that the whole experience is highly entertaining as we go along.

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SeanTheBlogger is all about you, so I plan to do all that I can to respond to or answer any questions you might want to ask. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a media inquiry, something to do with personal finance, or you’re just popping in to say hi, reach out to me by emailing sean@seantheblogger.com.

Please note that due to the huge volume of requests, it may be practically impossible to reply to everyone but each and every email is read and I will definitely respond to reasonable requests.