personal-finance-business-website-header-1Taking Action Is Vital In Personal Finance

What is the difference between people struggling under the heavy burden of debt and those who are on the right path to financial freedom?

Taking action through common sense facts and knowledge.

A lot of us remember when we read an article and screamed “That is true!”, but we never act on the advice that will be of benefit to us the most. Often times, what we do is to convince ourselves that we are in a different situation. At other times, we promise ourselves to start putting that information to good use but virtually every time, we are just simply lazy.

I’d like to set the record straight at this point, I’m not into financial planning and neither do I have plans of being a financial planner. SeanTheBlogger is simply about the following;

  • Sharing advice and tips on wealth building over time, like giving you advice on how you can monetize your Camera drones.
  • Assisting you on your way to becoming debt free.
  • Letting you realize how the financial choices we make in life can impact our lives

All that I require from you is the readiness to allow the content on this site gently nudge into action the common sense knowledge you already have.

The Soul of Personal Finance

There are basically two ways in which you can build a strong net worth. Make more earnings and save more of your earnings. I’m sure you already know this and you most likely try to do it on a regular basis. This is the time to learn ways of maximizing your efforts and channeling those desires of attaining financial freedom into success. That is what SeanTheBlogger is all about. One minute we could be talking about Drones for GoPro and the numerous business opportunities around them, and the next minute we’re talking about getting the maximum out of gift cards.

Insight into the Unknown 

A lot of people ask me why it’s always so challenging to grow a strong financial foundation, and the answer I always give them is “because our insight into things most times lead us to incorrect conclusions.”

  • As babies, we had our whole lives ahead of us but there was no way we could care about money.
  • As teenagers, we’d still be around for decades, but the only thoughts we have are about what we’re doing on a particular day.
  • As graduates from college, all we think about is how to save to be able to buy a car in a year or couple of years’ time in spite of the fact that a lot can go wrong in future.
  • In our thirties and forties, we start worrying about money and retirement even after living through a good chunk of our lives.
  • Then finally we are retired and have successfully traversed many decades of existence, then we become scared with how much money is remaining.

As is quite evident for you to see, perception is everything, and reality is nothing.

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